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With most power vibro plates you get toned across most of your muscle sets and you will be able to improve your suppleness and flexibility.

You can use the power vibro plates daily for just a few minutes, or build up to over twenty minutes to burn off even more extra calories. This has to be the best way to exercise, whether you are young or old, out of shape or very fit, new to exercise, or if you exercise daily, using the power vibro plate will help achieve your goals. See below what the power vibro plates can do for you.

Power vibro plates can be rented at home from as little as 10 per week.

Power Vibration Plates ~ The benefits

Low speeds -
This helps massage away those aches and pains and helps increase your flexibility, improve blood flow to your joints and muscles.

Medium speeds -
This speed can help burn away fat, do a light workout and tone and stimulate your muscles, joints, ligaments and bones.

Higher speeds -
This tones and conditions your muscles,and can improve your bone density along with your overall fitness and strength.

Toning -
Helps improve your muscle tone and strength,and can help in improving your body shape.

Suppleness -
Helps to improve your joint movement and flexibility.

Massage -
Massaging motion helps in easing aches and pains (at low speeds).

Weight loss -
Power vibration plate aids weight loss and cellulite reduction - sustainable exercise matters more than a quick burn and quit!

Improved blood flow -
Leads to improved joints and cartilage.

Quicker recovery time -
You can get faster recovery from joint, muscle and ligament injuries.

Pelvic Floor -
Strengthens your pelvic floor, and can help improve continence.

Bone density -
Vibration training can help strengthen your bones.

Balance -
Using a power plate helps Improve balance and core stability.

Feel good -
Helps to increases energy levels and to improve in general your overall fitness.

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